About the Company

Powertunnel Communications is the current owner and operator of MetroConf Conferencing for Kingdom Halls, a VoIP based distributed telephone tie-in service spanning five North American time zones and serving approximately 63,000 end-users. Since 2012, MetroConf has been delivering a robust, fully scalable IP Telephony solution employing a broad range of technologies and platforms (open source as well as proprietary) and redundantly peering with multiple North American Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs). MetroConf is one example of the quality and commitment that satisfied customers have come to expect. That is why prompt and reliable service is a priority at Powertunnel Communications.

Walter Duck


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Whether you require services in North America or Overseas, you will be assisted in attaining your objectives. Powertunnel Communications' commitment to excellence is what guarantees your satisfaction and success in meeting your communication needs.